One-Season Wonders

ABC’s ‘Glass House’ Shattered (One Season Wonders)

TheglasshousetitlecardThis week marks the one year anniversary since Kevin won “The Glass House” on ABC. You remember, right?

Yeah, Kevin.

He won The Glass House.

t was a show like Big Brother, but much worse?

Well, if you don’t remember The Glass House, you’re not alone. A bunch of former producers and folks who worked on Big Brother tried to take their talents to South Beach. I mean ABC.

Launching The Glass House a few weeks before the premiere of Big Brother 14 on CBS, the move was clearly designed to steal a bit of thunder from the Eye Network’s annual ratings juggernaut.

CBS sued because Glass House was such an obvious rip-off of Big Brother, and the lawsuit was tied up in court for months. Eventually they dropped the suit because the show was such a stinky bomb for ABC and appeared to do little or no damage to the Big Brother brand in the long-term.

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VH1′s ‘Ton of Cash’ was a Hilarious Mess (One Season Wonders)

ton-of-cash-1VH1′s Ton of Cash was an awesome train-wreck of a show. It flopped onto about 300,000 screens in August of 2011.

A ratings disaster from the start, the show would quickly get shuffled off to burn away its final episodes after midnight.

Ton of Cash came from the production house 51 Minds, the company behind such hits as Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and Gotti’s Way. The concept for this reality competition sounded interesting, but the execution was seriously lacking and the casting really stunk, for the most part.

WATCH IT: All episodes of this series are currently available to stream from

ton-of-cash-3THE CONCEPT: A team of 14 cash-strapped strangers have to transport 2,000 pounds of U.S. currency (a literal ton of cash) from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Well, not exactly the whole way. They really just moved the cash through a series of large obstacle courses on their route, spending their free time at a roving party-bus campsite.

The program was hosted by former NFL linebacker, and all around nice guy, Dhani Jones. You may know Dhani from his Travel Channel series Dhani Tackles The Globe, which aired for 2 season from 2009-2010.

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‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Hunts for Viewers (One Season Wonders)

TLC-Sarah-Palins-AlaskaPolitics aside… do you enjoy watching someone who watches nature?

Sarah Palin’s Alaska was a weird, high profile failure for TLC in late 2010 and early 2011.  The show ran for 9 episodes — 8 originals and a clip show series finale.

We’re calling this a one season wonder, although TLC marketed it as an “8-week television event” — so perhaps the plan was always to limit the show to one season?

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