MTV Heads Back to the ‘FriendZone’

friend-zoneMTV’s “FriendZone” is back for its fourth season with a 22-episode run premiering on Monday, September 9th at 6:00 PM ET/PT. In each episode, MTV follows pairs of best friends as one friend confesses their true, romantic feelings to the other in hopes of moving their relationship out of the “FriendZone.” This season features more emotional twists and revealing surprises than ever when, for the first time on “FriendZone,” unsuspecting objects of affection pre-empt their friend’s revelation with a bombshell confession of their own. This season also follows as some love-struck friends allow their close circle of friends to share the intimate moment when he or she express their affection for their bestie. For better or for worse, these friendships will NEVER be the same.

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HGTV Building Slate of “Dream Lifestyle” Programming

hgtvFantasizing about living in the perfect home in a dream location will be more rewarding than ever when HGTV expands its slate of more than 800 hours of original programming with series that feature exotic, yet accessible, lifestyles. The network has picked up three travelogue-style series for 2014: Beachfront Bargain Hunt, Living Alaska and Caribbean Life. In addition to picking up new episodes of the wildly popular Island Hunters, HGTV also renewed the top-rated series Hawaii Lifefor a second season.

“Fantasy series featuring dream locations attract huge audiences,” said Kathleen Finch, general manager, HGTV. “Series like Hawaii Life and Beachfront Bargain Hunt have caught fire because they not only showcase some of the most spectacular places on earth – they feature homes that are surprisingly affordable. It may be a fantasy, but it can be a real dream come true.”

The carefree island living featured in Island Hunters and Hawaii Lifecaptured the attention of millions of viewers. Originally launched as two half-hour specials, Island Hunters focused on homebuyers looking for a slice of paradise on their own private island. More than 3 million P25-54 viewers tuned-in to the specials, making Island Hunters one of the highest-rated programs of 2013, while the first season of sun-soaked Hawaii Life drew more than 15 million P25-54 viewers.

On track to deliver the same success as Island Hunters, Living Alaska drew more than 2.5 million P25-54 viewers with its sneak preview on Sunday, August 18. The show documents potential homebuyers as they determine if they can handle a home in the beautiful northern wilderness and includes glimpses of the endless natural scenery from Juneau to Anchorage and the Kodiak Islands to Halibut Cove. The network will premiere 14 half-hour episodes of the series in 2014.

Caribbean Life, a series of six half-hour episodes follows house hunters leaving the mainland behind in search of a mellow Caribbean existence is sure to appeal to viewers who dream of white sand, palm trees and ocean breezes. Premiering in 2014 with 13 half-hour episodes, Beachfront Bargain Hunt will feature families who make their beachfront-living dreams come true – on a budget – and, along the way, discover surprisingly affordable beach front homes for sale.

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E! is Getting Ready to “Party On”

NBCUNIVERSAL LOGOS -- Pictured: E! Logo --  NBCUniversal LogoE! is traveling the globe in the new eight episode half-hour series “Party On,” which heads to exclusive resorts and gorgeous beaches around the world to soak up the local party scene. Hosted by Emmy-nominated “Bold and the Beautiful” actress and singer Jacqueline M. Wood, each episode will focus on one glamorous location where Jacqui will spend 48 hours checking out the incredible vistas, tasting the delectable cocktails and cuisine, and trying out the often extreme activities that make each destination one-of-a-kind. Along the way, Jacqui will meet celebrities, jetsetters and local legends who will join her two-day adventure and keep the party going as she experiences the best of the best of each hotspot. The new weekly series “Party On” will debut late 2013 on E!

“‘Party On’ is a bold, fun VIP tour of the most sparkling party destinations on the planet,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Programming & Development, E! “We are excited to take viewers around the globe and behind the velvet ropes for fun in the sun at only the hottest, most elite vacation locales.”

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SPOILER: The BB15 Jury Member Returning to the Game is…


This is a spoiler post for Big Brother 15. If you don’t want to know which member of the Jury is coming back into the house, then do NOT click the jump to read more.

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ABC’s ‘Glass House’ Shattered (One Season Wonders)

TheglasshousetitlecardThis week marks the one year anniversary since Kevin won “The Glass House” on ABC. You remember, right?

Yeah, Kevin.

He won The Glass House.

t was a show like Big Brother, but much worse?

Well, if you don’t remember The Glass House, you’re not alone. A bunch of former producers and folks who worked on Big Brother tried to take their talents to South Beach. I mean ABC.

Launching The Glass House a few weeks before the premiere of Big Brother 14 on CBS, the move was clearly designed to steal a bit of thunder from the Eye Network’s annual ratings juggernaut.

CBS sued because Glass House was such an obvious rip-off of Big Brother, and the lawsuit was tied up in court for months. Eventually they dropped the suit because the show was such a stinky bomb for ABC and appeared to do little or no damage to the Big Brother brand in the long-term.

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‘The Pitch’ Winner Actually Lost


(graphic credited to Business Insider)

The folks over at Reality Blurred are big fans of AMC’s The Pitch. It’s a reality competition program where 2 ad agencies face off to create unique campaigns for a client.

But, this week’s premiere episode of the show’s sophomore season left one very important, very critical detail out. The winner actually lost the account. The losing agency actually got the business.

Notes Reality Blurred:

Fletcher Rowley, the losing agency (and an agency best known for its work with Democratic political candidates), explained in a long post that “a few days later filming completed the College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving guys reached out to us and, ultimately, they hired us instead of the firm they selected on the show.”

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Whew: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Won’t Run for Congress


(via The Washington Post)

Willie Robertson, the American flag-branded, ZZ Top-bearded star of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” does not have any plans to run for Congress from Louisiana.

Robertson sat down with the hosts of Fox News’ “The Five” to promote season four of his reality show featuring his family and their duck call business, and he was asked to weigh in on reports that he might run to replace Republican Rep. Rodney Alexander, who is set to resign in September to join the cabinet of Gov. Bobby Jindal.

“I heard I was doing that,” he said regarding the Twitter buzz his own political leanings have sparked, but “that’s news to me.”

“I’m kinda busy right now,” he elaborated. “I gotta lot of stuff going on.”

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Evicted Houseguest Will Return to Big Brother House


Huge news on last night’s episode of Big Brother! Not the eviction of Jessie, we saw that one coming from a mile away.

No, it turns out that an evicted HG will be returned to play the game! It will be one of the guests from the jury, so that could mean Candice, Jessie, Judd or the player who is evicted next week. From the sounds of it, there will be a competition among those 4 players for a return ticket to the BB house.

This will essentially undo the double-eviction night from last week, so perhaps we’ll have another double to look forward to in the coming weeks. But mainly, I’m just hoping that it means Judd (J-U-DOUBLE-D) will get another bite at the apple. He was one of the few HGs left that I didn’t find completely disgusting.

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‘Duck Dynasty’ Scores Monster Ratings for A&E


The hicks of ‘Duck Dynasty’ just made cable television ratings history! Yes, I’m serious. Wednesday night’s fourth season premiere was the most-watched non-fiction series in cable TV history.

The A&E quasi-reality show delivered 11.8 million viewers at 10pm.

Duck Dynasty (10:00, 60 Minutes) – A&E
11.773 million viewers, #1; 6.332 million adults 18-49 (5.0 rating), #1

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CMT’s Bike Week Includes a ‘Tunnel of Fire’

CMT is releasing promo footage from the all-new special TUNNEL OF FIRE featuring the motorcycle stunt everyone is talking about – Clint Ewing attempting to travel through a towering inferno longer than a football field last week at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. TUNNEL OF FIRE premieres Tuesday, August 20 at 8:00 p.m., ET/PT on CMT as part of CMT BIKE WEEK, 10 hours of bike-themed programming centered around the 2013 Sturgis Rally.

Hosted by Rossi Morreale and Cristy Lee, the adrenaline-pumping TUNNEL OF FIRE will show Ewing’s stunt in full for the first time on television, highlighting the events leading up to his attempt to set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS(R) title and the aftermath that resulted in third degree burns and multiple surgeries for the daredevil.

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